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VPS Hosting

Inwebpro offers premium, fully-managed, Linux-based VPS hosting plans. Using an open source virtualization technologies such as OpenVZ and Xen, we are able to to divide up a physical server into several Virtual Servers. Because each Virtual Private Server has it's own operating environment, we are able to provide the power, flexibility, and level of control normally associated with expensive dedicated servers, but at a significantly lower cost.

All of our VPS Hosting plans are hosted on cutting-edge server hardware. Each of our VPS server nodes features AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon CPU's, a minimum of 24GB or RAM, and utilizes a RAID-1 storage array with fast SA-SCSI (SAS) hard disks for storage redundancy and improved speed.
Virtual Private Server (VPS) Features and Benefits

VPS Server

Each Virtual Private Server includes an independent operating system environment, just like on a dedicated server. You can also add cPanel,  Webmin to your VPS for easier administration. VPS hosting is an excellent solution for developers, power users, businesses, or for anyone who wants to have full root-level control of their hosting environment. Each of our VPS plans includes the following features:

* Independent OS Environment
* Full Root-Level Access over the entire VPS
* Your Choice of several Linux Operating Systems
* Ability to install/uninstall software or services
* Access to our web-based VPS control panel
* Many popular hosting control panels available
* Dedicated IP Address(es)
* 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


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