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Website optimization SEO Services

We have helped a large number of our clients to achieve the best possible ranking on search engines .

SEO Consulting Services

If you have received our offer after a free analysis of SEO, you will have an immediate cost estimate of our SEO services, to get the results you want in your ranking on search engines.

The organic, natural, proper SEO services is the best way to get real, positive rankings the majority of search engines. This will help you increase your visibility, attract more visitors, more traffic and increased sales of your products.

The on-demand optimization highlight your brand and complement the wider marketing strategy. It  is the best way to attract new visitors.

Below we describe the strategy that will give you the proper position for words/ phrases in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Optimisation Services  - On-Page

A SEO consultant will have access to your site and modify the code of your website in order to improve the overall user experience and make it easier for search engines to index it.

The areas that our expert team will look on your page are:

a. Fix Errors:

■ Will search your pages for canonicalization issues and modify cases of duplicate URLs
■ Redirect any error 404 that will find and fix any broken links . 
■ Identify, remove and add nofollow to any external links we find depending on the quality of connections.
■ We will increase usability for the users but also for the spiders of search engines to create complete XML and HTML sitemaps.
■ We will ensure that your pages comply with W3C standards and correct any validation errors
■ We will check the quality of web hosting service

b.  Improve your website:

■ We will clean your meta-tags and your descriptions, and we will seek new strategic keywords for your campaign. 
■ Syntax flow of page content that will be optimized.  
■ Remove Double-content and Double-meta descriptions that can harm your rankings.
■ Optimizing site image 
■ Integration of a blog WordPress with SEO friendly plugins and links to your site.
■ Creating a dynamic RSS feed, and a page directory structure SEO

Optimization services  Off-Page

Optimization Services Off-Page is able to provide an excellent external back-link portfolio that will increase the importance of your website in web browsers. Relevance is key to the Off-Page optimization services and we can provide the following to enhance in a natural way your website.

■ well-written articles with submissions to Internet portals related to your industry 
■ A wide range of submission in specialized directories
■ News that may increase the global reputation 
■ Links with high PageRank and entry into social networks..
■ Comments on Blog with subjects related to the action of your domain

Contact us today if you would like a free SEO analysis without any obligation.


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