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jQuerySliding Background Image Navigation Menu is  a Joomla module that uses jquery library to present a menu that combines a background image with your menu items.
This menu will have several panels, each one corresponding to a different background image that will show on all panels when you hover over a panel label. Also, a submenu will slide out from the bottom or from the top  that can have a color or a background image .
This Background Image menu comes with some configuration possibilities, such as the size of the module,10 different  hover effect creating  a unique look and presentation. When you hover a menu item, an image builds itself as the background while the sub menu gently fades in.
The module allows for up to 10 main level 1 menu items and as many items as you can fit in level 2. You can also adjust many parameters of the menu like a default image of your choice and a submenu background image in the module parameters. You can upload your own images, change colors, size and more.

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Module parameters:
Menu Name:
Choose the menu that you want the module to display.
Default Image:
Choose the image that you want the module to display if no menu is selected.
Choose Effect:
Choose one of the 9 effects for the animation.
Menu Border:
The menu border in pixels.(ex. 5).
Background Color:
Choose the background Color of the module.
Menu Shadow:
Fill in with the shadow that you want the module to have.
Menu Radius:
Fill in with the radius you want the menu to have.
Module Width:
Fill in with the module width.(Suggest to put it as the width of your photos).
Module Height:
Fill in with the module height.(Suggest to put it as the height of your photos).
Distance From Bottom:
This is the distance that the menu bar will have from the bottom of the module.
Sub-Menu Position :
This defines if the submenu will apear at the top of the menu-bar or at the bottom of the menu-bar.
Title Color,Title Background Color, Sub-menu Color, Sub-Menu Hover Color,....:
Choose the color that you want to have for this menu Module.
Submenu Background:
Choose the photo that you want to have as a bacground for the submenu when it opens.
For 1.7 Version :
You brownse for photos  from the module back-end.
For 1.5 Version:
The module takes the photos directly from the menu.
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